Living Lab Show and Opening Party

Welcome to the opening ceremony of Living Lab. Amazing technology & art shows and delicious refreshments are offered on site.
Time 9/2 10:30

Living Lab COOL

Answer all the questions to get a small flash fan (limited edition).
1 Add the Line account “Living Lab.”
2 Find the answer in each exhibition and enter it.
3 Get a small flash fan at “Being Lab” on 1F.
4 Due to the limited edition of the small flash fan, the organizer reserves the right to change the gift.

Living Lab FUN

Innovative technologies come from imagination. Many of the future technologies have been realized in the masterpieces. On weekends in September, welcome to bring your picnic mats and a cup of coffee to enjoy the future city with top directors.
Instructions on free admission:
1 After obtaining a “stamp card”, visit exhibitions and collect two different stamps to exchange for a stamp card for two guests.
2 A stamp card is applicable to two guests.
3 Present your stamp card at the entrance of Joint Restaurant an hour before the performance and line up according to the staff’s instructions if applicable.
4 Guests are welcomed to bring their own picnic mats and find a comfortable place to enjoy the show.
5 Drinking is allowed, while eating is prohibited.
6 To have a wonderful audiovisual experience, please remain quiet and seated after the show begins.

Living Lab DO

Innovation comes from not only imagination but also hands-on practice! Join us to design your own smart technology with tools and recycled resources.
1. Mechanical Arm Workshop
A mechanical arm can be made without high-tech equipment. Join us to assemble an incredible mechanical arm with recycled materials!
Time 9/9 (Saturday), 14:00-16:00
Number of participants 30 participants at 10 years old or above
Deposits NT 500
2. Mechanical Toy Workshop
Let’s make fun toys with recycled materials and simple cams!
Time 9/16 (Saturday), 14:00-16:00
Number of participants 30 participants at 7-12 years old or above (9 years old in company with the parent(s))
DepositsNT 500
3. City Furniture Workshop
How many possibilities of city furniture? What is ideal city furniture? Follow Ting Fung HO (Uncle Architecture) to think, select materials, and measure and assemble your furniture through “cutting”, “nailing”, and “hammering”!
Time 9/23-24 (Saturday), 14:00-17:00 (participants are required to attend on both days)
Number of participants 30 participants at 12 years old or above

Living Lab BUY

Reuse Creative Market
Time 9/16(Saturday) 13:00-17:00
Supporting micro industries or brands using recycled and natural materials, Reuse Creative Market gathers creations made of recycled materials by hand. Here creativity and efforts to realize technological sustainability stand.

New Horizon Speech

Time 9/16(Saturday) 15:00-16:30
Turning Garbage into “Green Gold”: A New Recycling Revolution
Meng-Chou Lin, Chairman of Da Fon Environmental Technology
Having been founded for more than a decade, Da Fon Environmental Technology has continuously offered new recycling services. In addition to turning PET bottles into recycled products, Da Fon Environmental Technology has recently reversed the image of a recycling station by creating a trendy and convenient recycling service. Welcome to attend this speech on this green revolution.