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The Internet of Things, Big Data Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence are starting to become more and more prevalent in our daily lives – what started out as mere theories and concepts are now meaningfully impacting the way we work, live, and do business. It is because of this that we have created BeingLab – our multi-discipline innovation platform built upon Acer’s own aBeing Cloud. At BeingLab, we provide learners of all ages the opportunity to experience using the cloud first-hand with Acer CloudProfessor, as well as providing interdisciplinary lectures from a wide range of topics. BeingLab is the quickest way to get up to speed on all the things happening in the cloud!
Coming exhibitions include: Being Auto, featuring a variety of potential driving applications which make use of the cloud and IoT; Signage Solutions, showing how combining hardware, software, and cloud technologies such as video analysis can impact entire industries; Connected Health, enabling remote care and recovery through a network of smart medical equipment and monitoring devices; IoT Education, showing you how through the use of Acer’s CloudProfessor, when you combine the IoT with your imagination, you can achieve magical results; and finally Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, giving you a glimpse into the future to show you how both will impact all of our daily lives and how business is done. We look forward to seeing you at BeingLab!
Closed Monday (Open as usual on 9/11)
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iStaging AR/VR content platform

Your Life — Better in 3R
Come experience how AR, VR and MR can jazz up your life in ways you never thought were possible.
Stop wondering about how furniture will fit in your home. With iStaging’s augmented reality (AR) technology, you can preview thousands of pieces of furniture right in your own home in real time, just like they were there in front of you.
Did you think that virtual reality (VR) was only for gaming? Well, think again. See how VR can play a part in your daily life. If you’re looking to buy a house, there’s no need to visit dozens of properties in person. Simply put on a VR headset and go on an immersive tour of hundreds of houses in just one afternoon before deciding which ones you’d like to go visit in person.
Fancy a quick tour of your neighborhood? Gear up with mixed reality (MR) to get rich information about your surroundings without having to ask anyone!
And here’s a travel tip. How does visiting Paris or Iceland sound to you? Too far, too expensive? Well, no more. Let iStaging bring the world to you! Take a stroll around the Arc de Triomphe and in the blink of an eye find yourself under the Aurora Borealis. Immerse yourself in different countries before deciding on your next travel destination.
Closed Saturday and Sunday (Open as usual on 9/9-9/10)
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TEEMA Joint Innovation Center

Experiencing innovative life with technology at “Joint Innovation Center (JIC)” in Taiwan Air Force (TAF)!
The JIC exhibition hall integrates Taiwan’s ICT industry advantages and enables users to experience the brand-new technology. The indoor positioning identification provides users real-time data updates, with simultaneous video, and other services including navigation, media multicast, content delivery services, deep learning, and AI applications.
This event is curated and organized by the Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association (TEEMA)- Joint Innovation Center, and integrated with Qualcomm, Linker Networks, Relay2, Wave-In Comm., SMIMS Technology, PilotGaea Technologies., and many other companies.
Enrich your life with our technology! Anytime anywhere!
Experiencing innovative life with technology at “Joint Innovation Center (JIC)” in Taiwan Air Force (TAF)!
The JIC exhibition hall integrates Taiwan’s ICT industry advantages and enables users to experience the brand-new technology. The indoor positioning identification provides users real-time data updates, with simultaneous video, and other services including navigation, media multicast, content delivery services, deep learning, and AI applications.
This event is curated and organized by the Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association (TEEMA)- Joint Innovation Center, and integrated with Qualcomm, Linker Networks, Relay2, Wave-In Comm., SMIMS Technology, PilotGaea Technologies., and many other companies.
Enrich your life with our technology! Anytime anywhere!
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Relay2 provide Business Networking and VIP Edge Computing ServicesPlatform, the innovative solutions solve the problem and bottleneck of traditionally wireless networking systems that are completely inadequate in addressing the need for businesses to understand and engage the mobile consumer.
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Wave-In Comm. is a company integrates experienced solution architect, field RF & core NW expert, high quality R&D engineers and excellent manufacture from Taiwan to create “In-building Solution” and “Heterogeneous Network Insight Platform” for telecom and smart city customer.
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PilotGaea Technologies Co., Ltd is good at spatial big data, and VR applications. Besides, we can integrate diversity instant sensor information and provide virtual reality and real world integration in spatial technology.
These information can be display in three-dimensional and applied in science park security control. Thus, there is no blind spot for regional governance.
SMIMS Technology Corporation logo
SMIMS Technology Corporation was established in October 2004. At SMIMS, we believe in “concerted operation with distributed management”. We offer the Indoor location system and the HW/SW Co-verification FPGA soutions.
Closed Saturday and Sunday (Open as usual on 9/9-9/10)

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MyVita IoT Innovation Base

Myvita innovated center established a future smart lifestyle by integrating five core values of IoT – safety, health, comfort, convenience, and energy-saving.
The imagination for the future is infinity.
Smart mattress is your health consultant, who understands and analyzes your physical data every day.
AI robot is your perfect housekeeper, who can be voice-controlled to manage household chores.
The UAVs plays as your best safety guard, who always confirm the home security ahead of you.
By the interpretation of new technology, Myvita innovated center enables people feeling the future is just around the corner.
Myvita innovation center showcases the evolvement of the base by an exciting spotlight-sculpture show, including the past, current achievements and the vision of future.
The VR video enables you experiencing the simulation of your daily life in the future.
The UAV patrol exhibits the elevated standard of safe guarding.
The AI robots guide with warm human-nature to the future technology.
MyVita, I define my tech-lifestyle.
Closed Sunday and Monday (Open as usual on 9/10-9/11)
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Open API Smart Home Appliance Platform

Open API Smart Home Appliance Platform is long term project cooperation by TISC-Taiwan Intelligence Service Company, SAMPO Co., TECO Electric & Machinery Co. and The Innovative DigiTech-Enabled Applications & Services Institute (IDEAS) of the Institute for Information Industry (III). Facing the difficulty and challenge in unifying device-level communication protocol, this platform will standardize Open API specification at cloud level to solve the communication obstacle among difference manufacturers. The platform will link and leverage government open data to develop varieties of services as well as integration with international IoT platforms. This will become a feasible IoT solution for small and medium enterprises.
During the period of Sep.10-13 2017 WCIT, the 21th World Congress on Information Technology, several smart home and smart city applications and scenarios will be demonstrated at TAP Innovation Base:
1 Cross-brand device remote control
2 Automatic Push Notification
3 Government Open Data integration
4 International IoT platform connectivity
5 Earthquake alarm application
6 Quality of water detection application
7 Electricity management application
There will be more startup companies to join and develop innovative services and applications based on the Open API platform.
Taiwan Intelligence Service Company, Ltd. (TISC)  logo
Taiwan Intelligence Service Company, Ltd. (TISC) was founded in Hsinchu City in 2013 by Mr. Charles Hung, Mr. Tristan Lu and Mr. Ming Wang.
All 3 founders worked for Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) and designed TSMC 300mm wafer Fab fully automated manufacturing system from scratch.
TISC plans to build a server for home appliance makers to shorten the cycle time and costs in the development of smart appliances.
TISC released FamilyAsyst Cloud Service & APP together with a Wi-Fi smart plug AiPlug in 2014.
We start to share FamilyAsyst Cloud service with home appliance makers in 2015. We intend to provide one-stop IoT solution to help the appliance manufacturers migrate into IoT Era.
Create the intelligence needed by home appliances for a safe and green family life and environment.
Sampo Corporation logo
Sampo Corporation is a Taiwan-based company principally engaged in the development and manufacture of electronic products and home appliance products. The Company operates its business through home appliance division and electronic division. The Home Appliance division manufactures air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, dehumidifiers, microwave ovens and others. The Electronic division manufactures light emitting diode (LED) monitors, digital panels, intelligent household controllers, intelligent network monitors and others. The Company distributes its products within domestic market and to overseas markets, including America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.
Since its founding in June of 1956, TECO Electric and Machinery Co., Ltd. has never rested on the laurels of its own success. TECO has started out as an industrial motor manufacturer since 45 years ago. Over the years, it has successfully diversified into a conglomerate with worldwide business operations. TECO is not only renowned as a leading heavy electrical industrial brand, but also as a leading manufacturer of home appliances, telecommunications equipment, IT systems, electromechanical components, and commercial electronics. Not satisfied with producing motors or limited by home appliances, the TECO Group is also committed to the medical information system, e-commerce, semiconductor, optronics, network, software, infrastructure, financial investment, food services, and distribution industries, becoming a globalize, high-tech enterprise group. TECO group has about 30 subsidiaries and affiliations across Asia, America and Europe, and the total employee amount is over tens of thousands. TECO is forever dedicated to long-term development, creating new competitive advantages, enhancing service quality, developing top-flight personnel, and creating outstanding products.
Closed Monday (Open as usual on 9/11)

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Chunghwa Telecom

Chunghwa Telecom will hold exhibition at the TAF Innovation Base from September 1st, innovatively demonstrating Pre-5G network communication environment and related innovative applications. Three characteristics of 5G, eMBB (enhanced Mobile BroadBand), URLLC (Ultra-reliable Low Latency) and mMTC (massive MTC) will be exhibited. At the same time, the context of application services (On-demand service) will also be presented, demonstrating Chunghwa Telecom ‘s independent research and development capabilities in the show scene.
Visitors will be able to experience the self-developed Enterprise On-Demand Service, real-time VR SNG combined with “Mobile-edge Computing” (MEC) and “heterogeneous network aggregation” (LTE-WLAN Aggregation, LWA), AR collaboration services, NB-IoT applications and other functions. Visitors can also experience the characteristics and advantages of 5G through the phones from on-site guide; and in VR area, audience can experience Taiwan characteristics, such as “Mazu Pilgrimage Activity and Yanshui Beehive Rockets Festival” through virtual reality. In addition to 5G technology, the exhibition also cooperates with some Taiwan startups to use VR application and content on education and local cultures, whereby Taiwan’s local cultures can be promoted. Moreover, visitors can experience 4K high quality audio and video service and mobile games, which uses Chunghwa Telecom ‘s high-quality broadband network transmission, featuring ultra-high quality and low latency service experience. Such a service is based on the MEC-Edge Video Orchestration (MEC-EVO), featuring that by turning on multi-view live APP on smart phones, users can immediately grasp the multi-view live display in real time, experiencing the new feeling of watching programs anytime and anywhere.
Closed Monday (Open as usual on 9/11)

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Taiwan Intelligent Streetlight

I. Outdoor multifunctional smart pole demonstration
The Internet of Things (IoT) is coming, and there is a lot more that can be achieved by using the street lighting infrastructure. In addition to providing lighting for the citizens, this demonstration shows several integrated smart poles base on the same design with different functions, such as
1 3000K, 130 lm/W high efficacy LED street light with wireless connected NEMA module, which allows dimming remotely and provides lamp status report
2 Compact all-in-one weather sensor, measurement of temperature, relative humidity, air pressure, wind direction, wind speed, precipitation intensity, precipitation quantity, radiation and lightning strikes.
3 Traffic camera, provides vehicle license plate recognition, vehicle color recognition and path records.
4 iBeacon broadcasting
5 Electric vehicle charger
6 Sunlight readable FHD display
II. Indoor smart lighting application demonstration
Based on Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI), this smart lighting demonstration combines dimmable LED linear luminaires, ambient light sensors, PIR sensors and human presence detection sensors to control the light automatically.
III. Visibale Light Communication (VLC) application demonstration
With VLC LED spot lights, mobile device and APP, this demonstration let you experience what VLC can do in indoor positioning, dada broadcasting and tour guide.

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UAS smart city carry out virtual reality
Mountaineers slip and fall into valley , send GPS messages via wearable device with real-time Mayday function , UAS carried with lightweight LoRa equipment can accelerate search and rescue operation as well as reduce manpower/material resource consumption effectively.
Agriculture investigation and pest control
By using board / hyper spectrum、 infrared equipment…etc , we can grasp huge area plant grow status quickly and build macro database , analyize root clause、prevention and treatment design and advance development from big data , and then promote future agriculture technology forward.
Environmental pollution surveillance
UAS carried with air pollution sensor can quickly detect PM2.5、PM10、SO2、CO、O3 concentration…etc. It can prevent polluted material raising to ensure ecological environment safety.
Popular science salon interactive demonstration
10 performances of UAS salon activities is arranged and scheduled in the weekend and invite industry , official , university experts and elites to widely discuss and interactive for civil aviation regulation、government surveillance platform、patent protection、professionalism training、insurance、logistics、composite material、IOT and big data、technology innovation、professional application issues…etc. To enhance UAS industry application acknowledgement and safety operation concept and then drive the industry upgraded.
UAS DIY teaching experience
It is integrated and coordinated by UAS development association and invite several domestic famous UAS vendors to organize exclusive experience activity. In the first stage , it is demonstrated by video playback and explained by lecturer which let participating student to realize the basic component structure and principle of flight , and application layer、environment risk evaluation、flight safety notice issues…etc. The second stage is senior operator and vendor to lead the participating experienced people to have first-hand experience for UAS DIY assembly process and let everyone to become UAS assembly expert
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Creative Reuse Center

There are always many reminders, defective items, and samples piled up in themanufacturing warehouses all over the world. There are also many ‘useless’ pretty stuffs in our daily life that are eventually going to the incinerator and garbage dump. To look at these ‘trash’ with a different angle, they could be reused, recycled, recomposed, and miraculously turn into fuel for creativity. Such recycling idea has indeed already been practiced in many countries among different groups: artists, schools, communities, enterprise and etc., seeking to protect our environment by turning trash to treasure.
In Taiwan, the Lovely Taiwan Foundation has initiated the first Creative Reuse Center(CRC) with aims to inspire creativity and cultivate the public’s aesthetic sensethrough creating beautiful handmade product. Accordingly, by reusing waste in creative and innovative ways, the CRC could help establishing a better culture and life style of Taiwan’s villages and towns. Hence, the Foundation believes that this will ultimately help to protect and preserve our environment and make both local residents and international visitors appreciate the land even more.
Closed Monday
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Happier Lab

Happier Lab Taipei is the next social innovation bringing together all the above events under one roof. Inspired by action for happiness foundation of the UK, Happier Lab is a place:
• to promote happiness through the application of positive psychology
• where people can connect and experiment with happiness interventions
• to provide education, learning programs, and coaching to enhance wellbeing
• for people with shared interest in the pursuit of happiness to gather and meet.
Closed Depends on time of events
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Red Room

The Red Room is an ever-expanding community, exploring and extending the boundaries between audience and performer; a not-for-profit platform for events developing a culture of learning to listen to each other, what is around us, and our selves.
Through quiet hearts and deep listening, in a room filled with immense positive and creative energy, we discover our similarity. The biases and misunderstanding come from ignorance and fear. Red Room is a movement, reminding us that the deepest primordial human need is to feel connected and that in our infinite ignorance we are all equal. Since 2009, Red Room has become an important part of our lives and I hope more people will discover Red Room. Leave the virtual world, turn off the phone, listen deeply, appreciate and support each other, and we find ourselves a member of this positive and creative ecosystem, where happiness can be easily attained.
Closed Depends on time of events
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